Alex Pruett Driver Profile
Alex has consistently performed as one of the top young teen drivers in the rough and tumble world of National Sprint and Midget car racing.

2005: In his first attempt to drive a midget Alex Pruett made the Friday night “A” main at the prestigious “ Chili Bowl Nationals” and was the 3rd highest finishing teenage driver on the weekend. On Friday night 85 excellent midget drivers battled for one of 22 Main event spots, he ranked 12th in total points on the night. Alex made it to the Saturday night “C” main which ranked him in the top 35 out of 250 of the best drivers in the country and one of the top 3 teen drivers at the event . In his heat race Alex had to race from his 8th starting spot in the back to 2nd place against such top names as Tyler Walker , Matt Neely and Bryan Clauson.

2004 : Indiana 410 Sprintcars , MSCS, Non Wing World Championship, USAC

In his first season Midwest 410 sprintcars Alex had five heat race wins and made it to six* trophy dashes against some of the toughest sprintcar drivers in the country. He won heat races in USAC/CRA, MSCS, NWWC and the very tough Bloomington and Gas City 410 series. In 29 entries Alex transferred to 27 main events and ran only two B mains all year. With fields that averaged more than 40 entrants he averaged qualifying 10th or better with a best of 3rd at the NWWC race in Tulsa in a very competitive national field. His best main event finish was 6th and he had several top ten finishes.
*top six qualifiers that transfer through the heat go to the dash.

Alex’s driver development philosophy is that he would rather be competitive against great competition than win against easier competition . To that end in 2004 he decided to run the very tough Indiana 410 circuit as well as NWWC , MSCS and select USAC shows. The level of competition that Alex ran with is best illustrated by who he had to beat to collect his heat race wins.

Best Heat race performances 2004
USAC/CRA 4-3: Alex Pruett , Greg Bragg , Cory Kruseman , Damien Gardner
NWWC 8-17: Alex Pruett, Bud Keading, Mike Spencer , Rickie Gaunt
MSCS 6-20 : Alex Pruett , Kenny Carmichael, A J Anderson
Blmngton 8-27 : Alex Pruett , Dick Gaines II, John Stanbrough, Kevin Huntly
Gas City 9-3: Alex Pruett , Shane Cottle , Shane Hollingsworth

These drivers represent numerous Indiana track championships as well as a few USAC titles.
Best Main events 2004
By the end of the eight week stint in Indiana Alex was a top contender at local and regional shows with his most solid performances coming on the same weekend at Gas City and and Haubstadt.

At Gas City on September 3rd he qualified 10th of 47 and finished 6th final order was Dave Darland, Dereck Sheffel, Shane Cottle , AJ Anderson, Casey Shuman , John Wolfe and Alex Pruett . The first five a who’s who of both National and Indiana Sprintcar racing.

At Haubstadt two nights later he finished sixth against Daron Clayton, Kevin Briscoe, Bryan Clauson, Kyle Wissmiller, Brandon Petty followed by Alex Pruett, Jonathon Vennard and Will Newlin all feature winners or former track champs in Indiana in recent years.

His best National main event performance was at the Tulsa NWWC where he qualified 3rd notably since the first 6 qualifiers were Levi Jones, Zach Chappel, Alex Pruett , Tony Elliott, Bud Keading and Dave Darland all six went to the dash. Alex finished a solid 11th after having to go to the back with seven laps to go due to a spin in front of him that forced him to stop, he then proceeded to pass nine cars in 7 laps to snag his 11th place finish. His teammate Dave Darland won the race.

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